Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Travel Day - Dubai is WILD!!

Starting our journey.....

Here are some pictures of Dubai (we had a 13 hour layover) including the world's tallest building. Dubai is wild because it's basically one insanely tall building after another and it's filled with people from every country in the world. Emirates Air also puts you up in a hotel too as part of your ticket.

Dubai airport - the cleanest most gleaming airport in the world!

No, we were not in first class but Pete took pictures up there. It's INCREDIBLE!

We left on Saturday afternoon and flew from Albuquerque to Houston. In Houston, we met up with Pete's mom and started on Emirates Air. Let me tell you about this airline: it's incredible! The flight attendants are from all different countries and speak multiple languages. They are all handsome and young too. The airline has an incredible entertainment system and really nice seats. The flight was wild because it was going to Dubai so first class was filled with Texas oil tycoons and then the rest of the airplane were Indians, Pakistanis and a few Arabs.


More Dorrs said...

Jake wants to go to Dubai so bad...I'm hoping it works out when we travel!


Becky said...

Dubai was crazy nice! And Emirates is the best airline!!