Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Dentist - check
Doctor - check
Dermatologist - check
Eye Doctor - check
Hair Cut (something easy to maintain) - check
Adding Sam to insurance - check

Trying to get everything out of the way before we leave on Saturday. I've been getting up at the crack of dawn every morning and falling asleep super early because of all the things on the list. But I think I'm mostly nervous.

I'm nervous that he will despise my presence and want his caregivers back. I'm nervous that I have absolutely no idea what to do. And I'm nervous to have my life completely change. It's like when my husband proposed. I was ecstatic and had NO doubt I wanted to spend my life with him. However, there is a mourning period that women go through that isn't talked about much. The loss of an independent life. It's scary to think that I am fully responsible for a 14 month boy (in addition to our house, our fish, and our dog).

I have no doubt that I will love him more than I love anybody. And that's scary too!

Off to get more charitable items and figure out how to work the system with the airlines...bordering on 4 bags now.


Becky said... leave this Saturday!!! How exciting! I had all the same worries and concerns you are experiencing right now. It is overwhelming to be in another country and on top of all that be a first time mom. I had many breakdowns and my husband told me he was dealing with 2 babies the whole time we were in Ethiopia. It will all be wonderful and a 14 month old will be so much fun! Bek is 16 months old so email me anytime you have questions as they are probabably at the same milestones. Get lots of REST this week because your little one will have lots and lots of energy!!! Good luck with it all and post how it goes when you get back.

karichuckroryskylar said...

It's going to be great. I can't wait to hear all your updates and see your first family pictures!!!!! Love you and thinking of you--K

Ted and Lori said...

It IS scary. That love, I mean. It is so all-encompassing. But you're going to be fine. Congratulations on this next big step! And thanks for the comment--I'm always so glad to know that our travel info is helpful to people, and you're going to adore Wegayu. Please tell him I said hello?

Jim and Carmen said...


I got your post and really appreciate your offer to take pictures of our baby. Can I e-mail you her name and picture? My e-mail is cscroggin 2000 at yahoo dot com

Thanks again!