Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July 23, 2009


Needless to say, I have never cried so hard in my life. I sat in the car and just cried and cried. The dog licked my face for a half hour because she was so worried about me. I felt like a 4 year burden had been finally lifted.

Of course, Sara wasn't back in the office yet so I had no details. Pete was in a canoe sailing away. I left a message for my mom which was totally incomprehensible. She called back later and said, "I couldn't understand a single word but it sounded like happy crying."

I figured out that I could reach Pete through his mother (his parents were doing just the canoe portion of the trek). So I called her cell phone and told her. She was so excited and then tried to contain herself while she passed the phone along to Pete. She said, "Pete, it's Megan. It's nothing bad." I said, "Honey, we have a baby!" and started bawling again. Pete was super quiet and said, "what?" It turns out he thought first that I meant I was pregnant, then that I was crying because I had a miscarriage. Needless to say once he figured it out he was ecstatic. Then I had to wait 12 hours to see him!

I still didn't know any details about anything. I kept driving around this resort in Jackson trying to keep cell phone service to talk to Sara once she got into work.

Eventually, I found a spot overlooking the Teton Mountains at a picnic table and we got in touch. Sam is a beautiful 11 month boy who had just recently arrived at the orphanage. He is so gorgeous and is in need of a lot of TLC. He's a little bitty thing. Sara admitted this was the strangest situation she'd had, with me staring at the mountains and my husband on a major trek across the mountains.

I spent the rest of the day not telling anyone anything because I wanted to discuss everything with Pete. This drove my sister-in-law Marit crazy and my mother-in-law. I went to this internet station to go pull up my email and look at the pictures. There was this guy there hogging the computer checking his stocks and then the weather. I literally almost knocked him off the chair. Finally, I saw pictures of Sam. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world. They are a bit sad, so I can't wait to fill them with happiness.

The rest of the day was spent in a blur. The only people who knew were my mom, Pete's family who were on vacation with us, and two friends that were witness to it all.

We went hiking and then it was my night to make dinner. I attempted to do it and waited for Pete. When Pete arrived we went into our room and I told him Sam's story. I was a bit worried that Pete would be hesitant. But I knew that my fears were unfounded when Pete said, "He's perfect. He's our son."

We announced it at dinner that night. Then the next morning we called Sara and told her we were thrilled to call Sam our son. Sniff.

Then we spent the next two days calling and emailing lots of people. It was so amazing how thrilled people were for us. It made us feel so supported. This child will be so loved.

And that is the story of how we found out about our son.


karichuckroryskylar said...

Love your writing Megan, and can't wait to hear and see more of Sam! I love when you wrote : "He has the most beautiful eyes in the world. They are a bit sad, so I can't wait to fill them with happiness."

So happy for you and Pete and both your families.

Jenny said...

Megan -- I was so happy to hear about this and read your story. I am so thrilled for you both and so happy for Sam that he gets to have such a wonderful mommy.

Becky said...

Wow! Congratulations that is so exciting!!!!