Thursday, February 5, 2009


It sucks! It really really does. I'm now on the third letter from my bank (and my 6th phone call), my life insurance letter has to be redone because the notary didn't put when her commission expired, Pete's doctor's letter has to be redone,'s the REALLY good one, 5 documents that Pete and I both notarized have to be redone because Pete put the date as 2/2/9 instead of 2/2/09. SERIOUSLY? That can't be translated? That isn't a legal date?

I'm taking a self-imposed break from this today. Need to chill.

I guess one week isn't going to make a difference when the wait is getting longer and longer for referrals and court dates.



Becky said...

Oh no... I feel your pain! The worst is re-doing something that has already been notarized. I had to let my husband handle it because my blood pressure went out of control everytime I was told a paper wasn't right. I really felt that I was going crazy because even if you follow the directions it seems something will not be right.

From reading your blog it sounds like you and I are a lot alike. I can't wait to read soon that all the paperwork is finished. Hang in there!

Blog Shmog said...

I'm so sorry! Paperwork really does totally blow. For us it was the blasted life insurance document. Months and months of trying to get it right. ARGH!